Skrūvpaļi : About us

About us

RST SKRUVPĀĻI”Ltd. is construction company that is operating since 2007. In this time period we have shown us as trustworthy partner that carries out construction work qualitatively, precise and within agreed time.

„RST SKRUVPAĻI”Ltd. at middle at 2007 begun new product (SCREW PILE) realization in Latvia market, with whom world is acquainted for many decades. New products solve and facilitates construction works, it is a sensation in construction industry that allows to save money and time, in other cases, even in impossible cases, to make construction possible.

Since 2009 „RST SKRŪVPĀĻI”Ltd. specializes only in:

- manufacturing and assemblance of screw piles

- concreting works

- manufacturing of metal constructions

In separate cases only in other construction works.

Nowadays „RST Skrūvpāļi”Ltd. has become to one of leading companies of screw pile manufacturing and assemblance in Latvia market, with development tendency, since 2014 „RST Skrūvpāļi”Ltd. offers their clients to manufacture metal constructions of different complexity, manufacture and assemble different metal constructions.

Overall its existence, the company has produced and assembled more than 4,000 screw pile.

The construction company “RST SKRŪVPĀĻI” the basic principle is to organize the work in a highly professional level that will accomplish the works simultaneously in several locations. All work carried out by qualified teams of workers with many years of experience in construction. All construction work is done the same, guaranteeing quality and deadlines. Special jobs, if any, of entrusting a highly skilled and professional subcontractors. Construction company has close cooperation with major manufacturers and distributors of building materials, which ensure quality. The work will be used during modern quality building materials and equipment.