Skrūvpaļi : Concreting works

“RST SKRŪVPĀĻI” Ltd. offers a variety of concreting work on the pile mounting piles usually something that has to be put on top of so-called belt with the help of mutual over the top of the screw pile is bound. Generally, there are three options that are used as wood, metal, reinforced concrete.

Concrete casting is usually used when the house was built of blocks of concrete chooses the cases when things are monolithic floor, as if the home base screw pile technology is used, the concrete during the floor it is not a sealed base form inside as the classic version, but it is a sealed top monoliths belt is built to screw pile, usually monolithic belt width dimensions of 200mm-400mm height of 400mm-800mm.
“RST SKRŪVPĀĻI” Ltd. will not be offered the above belt concreting are offered all concrete works, foundations, floors, walls, etc.