Skrūvpaļi : HOW TO ORDER?


In order to purchase „RST Skrūvpāļi” Ltd. screw piles that are being manufactured from increased resistance steel contact us, calling to enterprise phone number or writing to e-mail. Consulting with client, we will find out, what screw piles are necessary for determined object to reach the best possible result that would also be client financial-friendly. Contracting with „RST Skrūvpāļi” Ltd., client pays 50% prepayment from total contract amount, but rest 50% pays after work fulfilment.

Cost of screws piles are constructing:

  • project (if client wishes it);
  • manufacturing of screw piles;
  • assemblace of screw piles;
  • screw pile thimbles;
  • assemblance of screw pile thimbles;
  • statistical verification of screw piles.


We offer screw piles with round piles (diameter from 60,3mm–159mm), as well as square piles in sizes of 60x60mm–120x120mm. Bearing capacity of pile, in dependence from type, is from 0,5t to 35t.