Skrūvpaļi : Screw pile construction under hangar foundation

Screw pile construction under hangar foundation

Commercial objects

Title of object:Riga, 3a Antenas street, LV-1004, „Baltic Zinc Technics”Ltd. hangar construction

Specification of screw piles: Two blade screw piles, length 5m, screw pile square pile 80x80x5, steel mark S355J2H, blades d=350mm, thickness 8mm, steel mark S355

Number of screw piles: 27 pieces

Designers load on screw pile: 12t  (120Kn), verified statistical load 14t (140Kn)

Characteristics of object:

Screw pile technology was chosen in object due to poor soil. Screw piles were assembled in column hangar places. After assemblance of grillage, which was connected with top of pile. If screw pile technology was not used in this case, in order to prevent settlement of hangar foundation, change of soil should be made, if standard concrete foundation was used,, which is time consuming process.