Skrūvpaļi : Screw pile constructions under monolithic slab

Screw pile constructions under monolithic slab

Commercial objects

OBJECT: Reconstruction of Locomotive repair oil storage house centre of Riga district, 24 Krustpils street, Riga.

Specification of screw piles: Two blade screw pile, length 6m, screw pile square pipe 80x80x5, steel mark S355J2H, blades d=300mm, d=350mm, thickness 10mm, steel mark S355

number of screw piles: 70 pieces.

Designers load on screw pile: 15t  (150Kn), verified statistic load on compress 15t (150Kn)

characteristics of object:

Objective screw pile technology was chosen due to poor soil.

Screw piles will be assembled under monolithic slab, wired concrete slab will be assembled on screw piles, on which metal-framed hangar will be assembled.