Skrūvpaļi : Screw pile construction for securing of house bases

Screw pile construction for securing of house bases

Private house

object: Two storage house, 26 Rucavas street, Riga,

Specification of screw piles: Two blade screw pile, length 4m, screw pile round pipe 101.6×5, steel mark S355J2H, blades d=400mm, thickness 8mm, steel mark S355

number of screw piles: 29 pieces.

Designers load on screw pile: 12t  (120Kn)

characteristics of object:

Screw pile technology was chosen in the object due to wrongly constructed reinforced concrete foundation (monolithic slab), it was constructed on topsoil slab that is not intended as bearing soil layer for house foundation.

On this kind of foundation,tilting occurred at the ground level, and at freezing and thawing lifting of foundation occurred, due to what wider and larger cracks appeared in walls that indicated that house is in such stage that endangers living possibility. In order to solve such problem, screw piles were constructed at outside and partly in inside of foundation, which were connected with existing reinforced concrete foundation with specially designed bracket. In this case, screw piles had to provide not only load on pressure, but also against extraction.