Skrūvpaļi : Screw pile construction for base of fence

Screw pile construction for base of fence

Terraces and fences


SPECIFICATION OF SCREW PILES: Two blade screw pile, length 6m, screw pile square pipe 80x80x5, steel mark S355J2H, blades d=300mm, d=350mm, thickness 10mm, steel mark S355


Designers load on screw pile: 1t  (10Kn)

characteristics of object:

Objective screw pile technology was chosen due to poor soil, peat layer in depth of 4.5m.

Two types of screw piles were used in object, screw piles with stem of 80x80x5 were used under drive in beams, which were places till bearing soil in depth of 5m, which under ground were mutually connected with metal angles, upper part of screw pile is above the ground level, where drive-in gates are connected, screw piles with stem of 60x60x4 were used for fence beams, this screw pile was places in depth of two meters in peat layer, two rest meters were left above the ground level for fence panel is connected. All works were carried out manually, without machinery..