Skrūvpaļi : Screw pile construction under bath house

Screw pile construction under bath house

Private house

Object: Saulkrasti, Saulkrasti region, Zvejniekciems, bath house on pond

Specification of screw piles: Single blade screw pile, length 5m, screw pile round pipe 101,6 x5, steel mark S355J2H, blades d=350mm, thickness 8mm, steel mark S355

number of screw piles: 12pieces.

Designers load on screw pile: 5t  (50Kn)

characteristics of object:

Screw pile technology was chosen in object due to location of building on water.

After screwing at the top part screw piles were connected with metal construction, on whom after bath house was constructed. Work was carried out in winter from ice.