Skrūvpaļi : Assembling of screw piles

Assembling of screw piles

Not later than one week after signing the contract with “RST SKRŪVPĀĻI”, the site is launched screw pile installation. Screw pile installation will depend on both the nature of the object and the amount of pile-mounted, but under normal circumstances assemble approximately 15 to 20 day screw pile. Mounting screw pile can be made in two ways by “RST SKRŪVPĀĻI”Ltd.:
▪ Installation of hand at this type of assembly is not in use any equipment exclusively handmade, resulting in no damage to the lawn or plantings, this type of assembly is used more often in a situation where the screw pile to be installed either in the patios, terraces, small quantities, or in places where it is not possible to access technical
▪ Installation with mini excavator with this type of installation it is possible to spoil a little lawn mini excavator, that is equipped with rubber chains, this type of installation is generally used in larger installations.


When installing the screw pile or by hand or technique has no vibration, noise. For example, forcing concrete piles have observed a large ground vibration as a result of the proximity of the building to the weak or unstable foundations are possible cracking of walls or buildings collapsing.
Screw pile during installation can also be extended by the addition of sections with or without blade screw pile length from 0.5 to unlimited, screw pile can be extended to the desired length, until reaching the soil supporting layer, elongation stages are either 1m, 2m, 3m. In order to be able to provide a screw pile design load is to go into the ground supporting lyer at least about 1.5 m depth.
Generally screw pile is located 1.5 to 3 meters from each other, and at least three blade diameter, depending on the design load and soil load-bearing capacity. Pressure carried by each screw pile is facing down, which is proportional to the torque fitting, and depends on the soil in which the thread is made to spin.
Latvian climatic conditions tightened when screw pile is not less than 1.5 meters deep, but on the basis of technical regulations, screw pile screw so deep, until reaching the soil supporting layer which it is Recessed around at least 1.5m. To be able to determine what needed screw pile and depth of what they should be carried out geological bore. In the event that a situation arises when the soil bearing capacity is lower than planned, then increased lengths of screw pile.