Skrūvpaļi : Verification of screw pile load

Verification of screw pile load

After mounting screw pile is possible to screw pile static load test, although it is possible to check and compressibility, it is also loaded with a screw pile as much pressure as required under the weight of the designer (t) is designed for a specific site, although it is also possible to test-drive the screw pile extraction, as not always screw pile load must be taken against pressure, but in some cases the extraction.


Such services is offered by “RST SKŪVPĀĻI” Ltd. for the product, screw pile load testing does not include installation in the price.
Screw pile load test can be made either by the entire pile installation and assembly of the first pile. (It depends on the client’s wishes.) Screw pile installation can therefore be determined, what will be the approximate load-bearing capacity of each pile, removing the performance of the gauge.